Memorial Day???

May 31st, 2010

Unfortunately, too many people consider this day as the kickoff of the summer season with barbecues, swimming, parties, etc., but give hardly a thought to the REAL reason for the holiday.  Admittedly, the fallen gave of themselves so that we might enjoy our freedoms and our barbecues in this the greatest land on the face of the planet.

We at Drogus & company would ask that sometime during your reveries today, that you set aside a moment to say a prayer for those who have given their lives in combat, and the families that they have left behind.  Believe me, when I say that you might just enjoy and appreciate that burger a little bit more for having done so.

Jean Drogus, PhD.

Searching for Internet Success? Try our “Battle Plan”

May 30th, 2010
knight in shining armor

knight in shining armor

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Does BP give you an “oily” Feeling???

May 29th, 2010
Allow me to start off by saying that I don’t fault BP (British Petroleum) for the accident with their rig in the Gulf of Mexico. Also, We at DROGUS & company would like to offer our most sincere sympathy to the families and friends of those who died as a result.

Now then, the reactions and actions of the greedy, slimy so and so’s that are the corporate management of Blithering Pulchritude (BP) shows us all that it is time for the citizens of the United States of America (since our President will never do anything) to take firm and meaningful action in a manner that WILL get the attention of BP in the only manner that they are capable of understanding. Let’s hit them hard in their wallet.
First off I would ask you to join me in not purchasing ANY product or service from them, until such time as they come around to doing the right thing.
Secondly, I am calling for a human blockade of every BP facility in the United States on Memorial Day, Monday, May 31st, 2010 from 2:00 P.M. until 3:00P.M. EDT. in memory of those who died in this tragedy.

Need to Scare the Hiccups Away?

May 29th, 2010
Well, it’s finally happened… They finally talked me into doing a post on You Tube Consider it an introduction to my world. We’ll be doing more of them soon, so keep you eyes peeled for future announcements here. The next one will be a crash course in Search Engine Optimization techniques.
Make it a Great Day!!!


May 29th, 2010

Deciding on which team of web designers to choose (What’s that you say, the other guy doesn’t have a team?) is one of the hardest choices you will ever have to make in life. We like to equate the choice to naming a new child. Your choice carries huge impact, whether it be on the life of that child or on the BOTTOM LINE of your business. You may choose to hire someone with a nice looking portfolio, but what depth and experience lies behind it? How many languages are they capable of programming in, and how much experience do they have in each of them? That forty years that we mentioned a couple of paragraphs ago refers to our CEO’s experience alone. If totaled up, our TEAM experience is well over one hundred years. We’ve been there… We’ve done that… and We do it everyday! We know how to drive traffic to your site, to build a robust e-commerce engine, report generation, virtual networks, downloading capabilities, social networking, down to color choices (Did you know that certain color combinations subconciously inspire trust and push the BUY button?) and most critically, how to get the search engine rankings necessary to have a successful web presence.